Dr. Robert Brownsberger

Dr. Robert Brownsberger


Areas of Care:

  • Pain Management

Dr. Robert J. Brownsberger realized during his medical residency that his professional talents would best benefit people besieged by chronic pain. He thus embarked on a mission that would help patients regain the joy of physical activities they had loved and lost with the onset of debilitating pain.

Managing a wide range of pain conditions with proven therapies to help improve motor skills and enhance quality of life, Dr. Brownsberger evaluates and treats all levels of pain in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. He quickly puts patients at ease and on the road to fewer and milder incidents of discomfort.

Board certified in pain medicine, Dr. Brownsberger graduated with honors from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1981. In return for a scholarship, he served as U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander and flight surgeon. Now, he works with patients combatting unresolved and persistent pain.

Unless surgery is clearly indicated, his patients instead are treated with options such as behavioral therapy and medication management. Progressive techniques such as spinal stimulation, radio frequency therapy, and x-ray guided injections remain essential elements for effective treatment.

Dr. Brownsberger and Northern Arizona Pain Institutes are the only medical practice in Northern Arizona utilizing Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) stimulation, which calms specific joints, such as the knee or foot, or an area affected by diabetic neuropathy. Patients can control the pace of stimulation to prevent the signal for pain from reaching the brain. Trialing this therapy before surgical implantation is just one more way Dr. Brownsberger ensures that patients with chronic pain receive outstanding medical care.

Practice Website: www.northernarizonapaininstitutes.com

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